Preparation Tips

Hajj planning - Before you go

Failing to plan, is planning to fail!
Things to doNotes
Ask for acceptanceHajj is a matter of acceptance from Allah. Don't look at your pockets, know that everything is possible for Allah!
Spiritual PreparationTake the wonderful opportunity to hajj to turn your life around. Do Taubah. Ask forgiveness from Allah. One should identify his shortcomings and start working on fixing it. Go out of your way to do good deeds. Spend more time in the masjid. Try to spend some time in Self-rectification, Dawah, and Tabligh
Save UpStart saving early. Try to not delay hajj. Earlier the better!
PassportApply early if you don’t have one already. Please check validity of passport of all family members
AgentFind a reputable and licensed agent. Cheapest is not always the best. Ask for testimonials.
Review PackagesCompare packages. Price is only one parameter. How far are you going to be from Harmain? Will you need to shift hotels? Is a scholar accompanying you? It is better to travel with people you already know. Book early!
Plan Leaves / backupBe sure to notify your employer ahead of time, so they can plan for backups. If self-employed make arrangements to take care of your business.
Get FitGet in the habit of walking! You will need to walk a lot in Saudi weather. Try to walk a mile every day.
ImmunizationsFind all the immunizations needed from your agent. (Meningitis)
Attend Hajj seminarsMost local masjid will arrange hajj seminars. Be sure to attend them and ask questions. Get familiar with the requirements and procedure of hajj. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, try to attend multiple seminars.
AhramGet comfortable with tying the ahram. A lot of people buy really heavy towel-like material ahram. The cotton ones can be a great help in the hot weather!

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